Consumer Linked Income Portfolio

Our Message is Simple

If you think cash is king,

wait until you meet cash flow.

Speak with Your Advisor about Your Long Term Income Needs

Each person has their own unique needs and your advisor is familiar with how our portfolios can help you meet those needs. We can run historical, hypothetical “what if” scenarios using our software to assist you in this process.

Learn Why Strategies for Growing Your Money Have to Change When You’re About to Start Spending It

What you’ve read or learned about asset allocation, diversification and rates of return are all important. But when you start to take income or distributions from your portfolio you have to change the way you think as well as how you invest. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to liquidate principal to meet your income needs, you may have stepped onto the slippery slope that can result in the consumption of your capital over time.

As I grow older,

I’m counting on my income to grow with me.

Relax with the Understanding that It’s Not About How Much Money You Have. It’s All About How Much You Can Spend.

The markets will do what the markets will do. You can build your retirement on the hope that your total return will be greater than your income needs. Or you can build your plan on the rising income that is likely to continue to come from the companies that meet the daily needs of a growing global population.

The Consumer Linked Income Portfolio could help you achieve your goals.